INTRODUCTION: Hi all Online Users got scammed of many sites now this site is a single stop where you get all the information regarding investment and non-investment sites of bitcoin earning lets look one by one page in my website to get the updates and new works regularly

  • Click the above banner
  • Click the sign up button
  • Enter your details
  • Now after getting login to your account you have to update your bitcoin wallet adress
  • The Next step is you have to Upgrade your account 
  • Click the Upgrade button and now you can see a bitcoin wallet adress to that wallet you have to transfer the 0.0005btc 
  • Make sure you have to save your transciation id
  • The last and final step is you have to mentioned the transciation id and the amount you transfered and click submit
  • Now the remaining work i will do
  • I will bring referrals to you to build your downline
  • The only work is when you receive donations make sure you have to go to the next level the more fast you go to the next level the more you can receive payments
  • Have a happy earnings

CATEGORY: One time investment of only 0.0005btc (less than a  single $1)